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We collaborated with Pink & Fox business owners to create a modern and stylish website design that reflects their brand of natural cosmetics for women in Limerick, Ireland. Using OpenCart 3 platform, we developed the online store functionality to provide easy and convenient access to purchase for their predominantly female audience.

The project was completed in 2019. Our aim was to design a website that showcases the beauty and naturalness of Pink & Fox products and provides an enjoyable shopping experience. As a result, we created a website that appeals to and retains their target female audience, helping Pink & Fox to expand their customer base. We are proud of our work and delighted that our development has helped Pink & Fox realize their potential.


To develop a customized online store with a unique design and structure based on the client's requirements.


We used OpenCart 3 as the CMS for the foundation of the project and implemented custom solutions to achieve the client's specific needs.


Sure, here's the updated text: We have successfully completed the website development project with a product range of approximately 70 items. The daily traffic of the website reaches up to 80 visitors. It is worth noting that this is a regional business with a niche audience, so the daily visit rate for this project is considered good. Approximately 77% of product sales are made through the website, with the remaining percentage sold through other sales channels. As of 2021, the average conversion rate stands at 3.2%.


sales through the website


average conversion

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