VR Club


Development of a website and SEO promotion for a VR club in the United States. Prior to the start of the project, the club did not have a website. The development was carried out on the CMS WordPress, with the use of unique design and additional developments, namely: a booking calendar. Thanks to it, visitors can choose available dates and highlight the desired time. Also, payment gateway was set up for online payments. The project was completed in October 2022.


Developing a website with a unique design, payment acceptance feature, and convenient booking within a limited timeframe (no more than 3 calendar weeks).


Thanks to the use of CMS WordPress, it was possible to implement the project within a short period, while also developing the project's functional tasks.


The website was developed in 16 days and included all required functional solutions. From a marketing standpoint, we immediately incorporated an SEO core: headlines, meta tags, and keywords. In the first month of operation, the conversion rate was 2.7%, but thanks to our work on analytics systems, we strengthened weak blocks and removed unused elements. After 3 months, the conversion rate for online booking increased to 3.42%, which is a good indicator. It should also be noted that many customers prefer to call the organization directly. The website's bounce rate is less than 14%.


average conversion


bounce rate

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