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We have developed a website, a user personal account, and a pre-booking system for a travel company specializing in trips to tropical countries. The company offers more than 15 destinations to popular resorts. Unfortunately, we cannot disclose the company’s name due to a non-disclosure agreement. The website is designed to make it easy for customers to find the necessary information and use an intuitive interface, allowing them to easily book their tropical vacation. The user personal account provides a personalized experience for customers, including the ability to save preferences and booking history. The pre-booking system allows customers to reserve their place on the trip in advance, making the planning process convenient.

We used the WordPress platform with custom solutions on JS to achieve optimal performance and user experience.


Development of a new website with a user-friendly and intuitive structure, for a large audience with optimized loading speed and a comprehensive offer base, while staying within a limited budget.


The use of open CMS - WordPress, allowed to minimize the costs of website development, as well as to utilize widely available solutions for website optimization. Custom solutions included the development of a personal account and a system for advance booking.


The project was completed in December 2021. The launch of the new website increased the average daily website traffic by 21%. The introduction of a responsive mobile version significantly influenced this increase as the old version was not mobile-friendly. According to the statistics as of June 2022, the percentage of advance bookings and inquiries has increased by 16%. The percentage of bounce rate has decreased by 6%. All of these results demonstrate a significant improvement in the website's quality as a sales channel.


average daily traffic


bounce rate


requests through the website

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