SaaS Employee Management

Individual software

A medium-sized business needed a customized solution for managing their personnel and unique functionality. Existing solutions on the market were not suitable due to the lack of unique formulas and forms, as well as their large volume and inconvenience in quickly filling out data.

The new management system had to solve the company’s exceptional tasks, including: the format of calculating percentages to the salary, depending on the project and employee status, a general database of employees by various data, including records of dismissed employees, salary budget planning, a system of statistics and reporting by roles and positions.


to develop special SaaS software with tasks for a specific company for managing personnel. A limited budget required compromises.


PHP+JS+SQL development without using CMS. We used a ready-made paid visual solution, which saved time and money in designing and interface development.


The software solution was developed to meet all the client's requirements. This software can process up to 100 employee records at a time very quickly. Additionally, a "smart search" function was integrated into the employee database. Moreover, a system for managing percentage rates was developed to handle changes in salary calculation based on job status and position, as well as budget planning. This was not part of the initial technical specification, but we developed it to minimize the need for customer support.

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